Ph.D. Alumni News


Recent alumni activities and awards (list is representative, not complete)

Marisa Roczen (PhD '16) has accepted a full-time research position with the Department of Medicine, Division of Health Care Policy and Research at the University of Colorado Denver.

Preethy Nayyar (PhD '07) was awarded tenure at University of Nebraska Medical Center.  She holds the following appointments:  Director, College of Public Health Doctoral Programs; Research Scientist, VA Nebraska Western Iowa Health Care System;  Associate Professor, Health Services Research and Administration; and Adjunct Professor, Oral Biology.

Urvashi Patel (PhD ' 06) is the Director of Evaluation and Outcomes Research at Montefiore Care Management Organization. She is also an Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Department of Family and Social Medicine as well as Epidemiology and Population Health.

John Pestian (PhD '94) has been awarded two patents. One (with 3-others) is for genetic based personalized mental illness drug selection.  They spun out a company that now employees about 400 people and does about $50 million/year.  The test has been used on about 210,000 people and is approved by Medicare, Medicaid, VA and various private payors.  It’s also been shown to lower costs of chronic mental illness.  See  The other patent, called Spreading Activation, is a platform for identifying divergence in verbal and non-verbal language to identify suicidal people in the ED, depression, anxiety and bullying in the schools.  He is also working on starting a project with the owner of the Cincinnati Reds to identify changes in language that my give a sooner rather than later indication in the changes of the states of the ballplayers.  See John Pestian is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of assurex health.

Mei Zhao (PhD '04) has been promoted to Professor at the University of North Florida. 

Recent alumni publications (list is representative, not complete)


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