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Mar 2, 2014

Valuable learning opportunities occur in anesthetizing locations across the U.S. every single day.  Anesthesia providers encounter potentially unsafe conditions, near-misses and adverse events with regularity.  We believe that sharing information about these events can be a powerful tool for raising awareness of hazards in the perioperative environment.

Anesthesia e-Nonymous was created as a mechanism for anesthesia providers to share information about real events they experience with other providers across the United States in a timely manner.  Using a secure online portal, providers submit their narrative to Anesthesia e-Nonymous.  We solicit their analysis of factors that may have contributed to the event.  The distinguished faculty at VCU’s Department of Nurse Anesthesia review and de-identify the information; then prepare and post a case presentation that captures the essence of the event on the Anesthesia e-Nonymous website.

“If we can help avoid harm to just one patient by sharing these stories, we have accomplished our goal,” says Suzanne Wright, Ph.D., CRNA, an Associate Professor at the VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia.

With its commitment to patient safety, VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia hopes to improve the ability to understand how a wide array of factors lead to complications in patients undergoing procedures that require the use of anesthesia.

If you are a CRNA, SRNA, or M.D., help improve patient safety. Register today at: