Each year in May the departmental faculty members choose an alumna/alumnus who best exemplifies the standards of the profession. For information, Contact the Department of Gerontology. Alumni are invited to attend a number of fundraising events as well as social events sponsored by the Sigma Phi Omega and the Department of Gerontology.
Other available activities for alumni are:

1. Providing informational interviews to current students
2. Acting as practicum supervisor for student field placements
3. Acting as mentor to current students.

For more information about any of these opportunities please contact the Department of Gerontology at 804-828-1565.

Planned Giving

If you would like to join us in providing for the future of the Department of Gerontology and speading our mission of improving eldercare through education, you may do so in on of the following ways:

. Charitable Bequest in a Will
. Insurance Policy Provision
. Retirement Plan Designation
. Irrevocable Gift to a Charitable Remainder Trust Fund

The Department of Gerontology accepts unrestricted giving to be used to further their mission, or you can dontate specifically to one of the following funds:

. The Iris A. Parham Scholarship Fund
. The Alzheimer 's and Related Disease Fund

For more information, please contact Jay White, Director of Professional and Community Development at 804-828-1565 or

You can also visit the MCV Foundation to give directly to our department online.

Advisory board members

  • Cathy Saunders
  • Pat Moody
  • Patricia W Slattum
  • Helene Bumbalo
  • Sonya Barsness
  • Beverly Morgan
  • Marcia Tetterton
  • Lynne Seward
  • Dee Caras
  • Charlotte Arbogast
  • David Monday


For additional information about the Gerontology Alumni Association and/or any of our activities please contact:

Cathy Saunders, MS
Long & Foster
5702 Grove Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226