Core Competencies


Throughout your studies, you will develop the following core competencies:



Foundational Knowledge of Health Care

-Display comprehensive knowledge of the context of health care systems, institutions, actors and environment.

Theoretical Knowledge

-Apply organizational theoretical and conceptual models relevant to health services research.

Generate Research Questions and Hypotheses

-Review, critique and synthesize a body of research, identifying significant gaps in knowledge, methods and study subjects to develop research questions and testable hypotheses.

Study Design

-Select appropriate interventional (experimental and quasi-experimental) or observational (quantitative, qualitative or mixed) study designs to address health services research questions.
-Use a conceptual model to specify study constructs and develop valid and reliable variables to measure the constructs.

Data Collection and Management

-Sample and collect primary health and health care data and/or assemble and manage existing data from public or private sources.

Ethical Conduct of Research

-Describe procedures that ensure the ethical and responsible conduct and dissemination of research.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

-Apply rigorous quantitative and qualitative analytical strategies to specific research questions.
-Demonstrate ability to interpret results of data analysis.

Communication and Knowledge Transfer

-Effectively communicate issues, research findings and implications of health services research verbally and in writing to appropriate professional, scientific, student, policy and lay audiences.


-Develop and conduct original research that includes identifying the research question, selecting the theoretical framework, developing a study design, using appropriate methodologies, conducting the analysis and interpreting the results.