MSHA Part-Time Students


Name   Degree(s)
    Class of 2018
Vicki Humphreys   Virginia Commonwealth University (MBA), Virginia Tech (BS)
Angela McNally   Virginia Commonwealth University (BS)
Jeremy Santoro   James Madison University (BS)
Jessica Macalino   University of Alaska Fairbanks (BA)
    Class of 2019
Kathryn Abshire   Old Dominion University (BS)
Alexander Colquhoun   University of Glasgow (MD)
Julia Matthews   Longwood University (BS)
Thomas Vahdani   University of Southern California (DDS), California State University Long Beach (BS)
    Class of 2020
Gabor Bagameri    Semmelwies University (MD)
Mary Eaker    University of Georgia (PharmD)
Mica Ferlis    Virginia Commonwealth University (MSN)
Aaron Goldberg    Virginia Commonwealth University (MD)
Zachary Isbell    Purdue University (BS)
Nam Ly    Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (MD)
Tami Pohnert    VCU (PhD), Emory University (MS)
Jennifer Richard    Virginia Tech (BS)

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