Doctoral Education, From a Distance.

Part of VCU's value and commitment to technology is being able to offer our entire nurse anesthesia curricula at distance sites across Virginia. Both the entry to practice DNAP and post-master’s DNAP programs are offered at all sites.

Students at distance sites take classes simultaneously with Richmond and all other sites. Our distance site classrooms include two-way synchronous video-conferencing, satellite downlinks, and web-based lessons. Face-to-face instruction is additionally provided on-site by VCU faculty as well as simulation laboratory training. This allows students and faculty at distance sites to interact with students and faculty at all other sites in real time. Department faculty also routinely travel to distance sites to deliver lectures, meet with students, and visit clinical affiliates.

We began offering our didactic curriculum to students in southwest Virginia and the surrounding area in 2004. Replicating this model, the Department expanded to residents of the Roanoke area in 2009, and to Northern Virginia in 2012.

In addition to distance learning education, we have numerous affiliations with teaching hospitals across the Commonwealth. We are affiliated with over 50 clinical sites including VCU Health/MCV Hospitals and facilities in Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, Ohio, and Eastern Kentucky.