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PATIENT Transfer of Care Tool

Oct 14, 2014

The Department of Nurse Anesthesia is proud to present the PATIENT Transfer of Care Tool.

The tool, developed through the research of Suzanne Wright, CRNA, Ph.D., provides a mnemonic transfer-of-care protocol developed for anesthesia providers.

Transfer of care, such as at the beginning of a meal break or during a scheduled shift change, may lead to avoidable human errors if the proper protocol is not in place to ensure patient safety.

The transfer-of-care protocol for anesthesia providers includes seven parameters -– one for each letter in the word PATIENT.

In Dr. Wright's study, it was found that 72.8% of surveyed CRNAs do not currently have a systematic process in place for transfer of care.

Dr. Wright's hope is that the PATIENT checklist, or some similar protocol, will become standard procedure in anesthetizing locations across the world and that the result will be an overall improvement in patient safety.

Make the PATIENT Transfer of Care Tool a part of your practice today. Read the study from the AANA Journal:

"Examining Transfer of Care Processes in Nurse Anesthesia Practice: Introducing the PATIENT Protocol" (pdf)