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The Triple Low & Mortality. Anthony Amato, SRNA. Marvin WR Cagle, SRNA. Presenting at the Nurse Anesthesiology Faculty Associates conference in Williamsburg Virginia 2012.

simresrchdenthauTransversus Abdominal Plane Block: An Alternative Approach for Pain Management. Thessa Denton, SRNA. Jessica Hauck, SRNA. Presenting at the Nurse Anesthesiology Faculty Associates conference in Williamsburg Virginia 2011.


Vasoplegic Syndrome associated with Renin-Angiotension System Antagonists: Current Theory and Management during Surgery. Melyssa Mooney, SRNA. Ulanda Butgess, SRNA. Presenting at the Nurse Anesthesiology Faculty Associates conference in Williamsburg Virginia 2012.


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Simulation-Related Publications


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