‌Clinical education

Doctor of Physical Therapy students complete a total of 34 full-time weeks of clinical education at Virginia Commonwealth University. The first full time clinical experience is two weeks in duration and occurs during the spring semester of the first academic year. The second clinical experience is eight weeks in duration and occurs during the summer after the completion of the second academic year. The three terminal eight-week internships occur in sequence during the third academic year from late October through the end of April.

In addition to the full-time clinical education experiences students complete 80+ part-time clinical hours in academic courses throughout the curriculum.

VCU’s Department of Physical Therapy currently affiliates with approximately 210 clinical sites throughout the continental U.S. The majority of these sites are in the mid-Atlantic region, but interested students have limited opportunities to travel to other sites around the country. DPT students are required to complete clinical experiences in two areas:  outpatient orthopaedics and working with medically complex patients in acute care or rehabilitation settings. Opportunities also include specialty clinical experiences in areas such as pediatrics, women’s health, cancer rehabilitation and sports medicine. Two or the four full time clinical experiences must be out of the Greater Richmond Area. Schematic Curriculum