Age in Action Newsletter

For assistance accessing information related to our Age in Action newsletter, please contact the Virginia Center on Aging at 804-828-1525.

Winter 2018*

Age in Action is a 20-page quarterly published jointly by the Virginia Center on Aging and the Virginia Department for the Aging. Its target audience includes professionals in the field of aging, gerontologists, geriatricians, health professionals and administrators, adult home and community professionals, and others interested in aging-related education and research in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The leading feature of the newsletter is the case study which appears in each issue. These case studies are developed based on current issues, opportunities, and concerns affecting older adults.

The newsletter also includes editorials from the directors of the collaborating organizations; profiles of professionals, organizations, or businesses in the field of aging; articles on topics of relevance, such as housing, health, guardianship, educational programs, legislative issues, available resources, etc., updates on activities and organizations in or related to the field of aging; notices of meetings and conferences; and more. The newsletter welcomes input and submissions from its readers. 

The following is a list of recent issues and their corresponding case studies. These issues can be read online by clicking on the date of the issue.

* Now available in pdf 


Issue Case Study
Winter 2018* Gerontology Theory Communicated in the Primary Grades through Picture Books
Fall 2017* Living Well with Chronic Health Conditions: Chronic Disease Self-Management Education in Virginia
Summer 2017* Integrating Geriatrics in Primary Care: Progress and Prospects
Spring 2017* Utilizing Older Adult Standardized Patients to Enhance the Education of Health Professional Students
Winter 2017* Safe Driving for the Mature Adult: Selected Issues
Fall 2016* Palliative Care Is More Care, Not Less
Summer 2016* Evaluating Commonwealth Coordinated Care:  The Experiences of Individuals Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid
Spring 2016* Averting Financial Exploitation and Undue Influence through Legislation
Winter 2016* PALETTE: An Intergenerational Art Program to Improve Health Care Delivery and Health Outcomes of Older Adults
Fall 2015* Building Interprofessional Teams through Evidence Based Practice Training in Falls Prevention
Summer 2015* Bringing Comfort to People with Advanced Dementia
Spring 2015* Available Telephone Services for Older Virginians Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Winter 2015* Sleep Disorders and Cardiac Consequences
Fall 2014* The Necessity of Leisure and Physical Activity
‌Summer 2014* Remembering through Music: Therapy and Dementia
Spring 2014 * Protecting the Vulnerable: Free Ways to Prevent Financial Exploitation
Winter 2014* The Lifelong Learning Institute in Chesterfield: Ten Years of Growing
Fall 2013* TimeSlips: Creativity for People with Dementia
Summer 2013* Falling Down: Assessing the Risk of Falls in Older Adults
Spring 2013* Virginia POST: Improving Patient-Physician Communication about End of Life Care
Winter 2013* Medications as a Risk Factor in Falls by Older Adults with and without Intellectual Disabilities