Project Title Contact Principal Investigator
Home-based activity intervention program in dementia Phipps, Ellen
Family quality of life in dementia Rose, Karen M.
Alzheimer’s A_ amyloid peptide interactions with inflammatory chaperone molecules Wright, Tonie
Mechanisms for Cdk5-mediated synaptic depression Zhu, Julius
Neuronal Mechanisms of Trauma-induced Alzheimer’s Disease Churn, Severn
Detection of ApoE-related White Matter Degeneration using Tissue Specific Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Sensitivity and Implications for Cognitive Function Ikonomidou, Vasiliki
Assessment of Factors which Influence Physician Decision-making Regarding Medication Use in Patients with Dementia at the End of Life Lapane, Kate
The Impact of Early Alzheimer’s Support and Education Programs on Both Diagnosed Participants and Their Care Partners Lacey, Patricia
Donepezil’s Effect on Cardiac Function in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease Through an In Vivo, Non Invasive Measure of Peripheral Neuro-cholinergic Function: Relation to Therapeutic Efficacy Neumann, Serina
Revealing the Effect of Food Dyes on Amyloid-Beta Structure-Cytotoxicity Relationships Kwon, Inchan
Vascular Risk Factors and Cognition in African Americans Manning, Carol
Balance Training Program Designed for Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease: The Effect on Balance and Falls Ries, Julie
Identification and Characterization of nAChRs Clustered in Cell Membrane Lipid Rafts Using Novel Patching Technique with Chemically Modified Electrodes Sidorov, Vladimir
Who Forgot the Hippocampus? Potential Involvement in the Neural Circuitry of Attentional Control St. Peters, Megan
Excessive Inflammation in Aging Population Following Brain Injury Impairs Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Cognitive Function: Implication for AD Sun, Dong
Hydroxyethylamine Tech isostere triazole-linked BACE1 inhibitors for Alzheimer's disease Carlier, Pay
Improving quality of life and short-term memory loss in patients with
University Alzheimer’s dementia:  Smartphone application for capturing daily life moments
De Leo, Gianluca
Cleavage of sodium channel _3 subunit by BACE1 and _-secretase modulates sodium channel activity in neurons Patel, Manoj
Caring for a spouse with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Daily challenges, marital relations, and physiological indicators Roberto, Karen
Detection of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease Salthouse, Timothy
Bivalent ligands targeting amyloid-_-peptide and lipid rafts Zhang, Shijun 
Small Molecules as Negative Allosteric Modulators of _7 nAChRs Dukat, Malgorzata
Behavioral and Inflammatory Changes in a Mouse Model of Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Flinn, Jane
Targeting the Endogenous Cannabinoid System to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease Lichtman, Aron
Functional Characterization of Promoter Polymorphisms of the Human GRIN2B Glutamate Receptor Gene Associated with Altered Memory Functioning in Older Adults Lipsky, Robert
Novel Epibatidine Analogs as Potential Selective Agonists of alpha-4_2 nAChRs Abdrakhmanova, Gayle
Caregiving Styles of Adult Children Who Provide Dementia Care Corcoran, Mary
Designed Peptides as Models for Amyloid-_ Toxicity Fernandez, Erik
Positive Allosteric Modulators of Cholinergic Receptors Glennon, Richard